the capiltalist world!

I try as much as I can to avoid having an attitude towards the big issues in life, like religion, politics, economics… Those issues are never black and white. For me, they are not even colorful, they only have few colors to offer with a lot of shades of gray, gray and gray.

I am about to bend this rule for one time and give myself the opportunity to talk about my real resentment for the capitalist world. I am no communist, nor socialist, nor whatsoever. I try to relieve my self from any sort of labeling because I think labels tie us down, weigh us down and limit our world to a few rules, while the world is so vast and rich and offers itself to us fully. I am neither an anarchist, I don’t believe in doing whatever, in the name of liberty and freedom. I am just a regular person with few opinions and an open mind to all.

But today, just today, for a period of one hour maybe, let me just talk about my resentment to this capitalist world we are living in, where big companies treat employees like disposable goods, where being sick or having one’s child sick is a luxury a person can’t afford, where it is you or it could be someone else: I am telling you, disposable goods, a pepsi or a coca cola, whatever does the work!!

I know it is not as black or white as I describe it, but my heart cries of disappointment. I could have stayed in my job, given my son an Advil and sent him to school, but then I would have felt like shit and excuse my word (usually I am much more polite). I would have been a capitalist mother, joining the capitalist word, disposing of her child to keep a job in a 150000 employees company, but no, thank you very much. I just feel bad for all those mothers out there who had to do that at some point or another and I clap my hands for all those who are happy in their jobs.

I already told you, all things are not black and white but some things are, thank God.

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