love is all around…

I bring my son everyday from school. I stand in front of the gate, along with several other parents and we wait. When a teacher comes and open the door, a beautiful love breeze fills the air, suddenly: “hello my dear, salut mon petit, bonjour ma princesse, how was your day?…” and you can easily see love halos on each parent face, lighting with a big smile on the sight of his or her child!

It is a wonderful experience to live every day. I heard once that it is a beautiful gift to give to a child if a parent makes him feel like the room illuminates each time he enters it. i try to do that with my son all the time. When he wakes up in the morning, when I see his face after a school day, when he comes back from an outing with his dad… I just leave everything I am doing aside and just give him the biggest and best smile I have – It is my most genuine one too – and take him in my arms or welcome him back and ask him about what he’s been doing!

I am a grownup now, and I still love to live that moment with my own mother; I enter her house (my childhood home) and call her: MOOOOOOOm!!! and her beautiful face appears and she gives me the most loving smile ever. With that simple smile, I know she is happy to see me, she missed me, she wants to hear my news… even if then she is occupied by preparing dinner or taking care of something else, with that simple smile, I know that I matter, that I am the most important person in the world for her (along with my dad and my sister and 2 brothers!).

I offered a mug a few years ago to my husband; the writing on it says: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world”. I believe that a parent smile to his child is just that!!!

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