Super Hero or Super Fan?

Among all things and wisdoms I have learned throughout my life journey, “acceptance” is my favourite.

I learned to know myself, to know that which I am capable of and that which i am not and to genuinly say: I can’ t do this, right now.

I learned that I am not a Super Hero but a Super Fan to some particular kinds of those. I identified my role models and the qualities in certain persons I would like to aquire or develop.

I learned my realities, on which step am I standing right now, and how to choose which step I would like to be standing on tomorrow, or not.

I learned that I have tools to change my realities into something different, closer to my aspirations.

I learned that there are things I can’ t change, for now.

I learned that each and every single one of us is a Super Fan to a certain Super Hero or more.

Not being a Super Hero in not a defeat, not being a Super Fan is one. This is why no one is a loser in this life, because we all have our own battles to win, our own changes to live, our own evolution to pursue.

I learned “Acceptance”, my own and others. I accepted finally that I am not a Super Hero, but a Super Fan!

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